Martinique Matinino Musician

Matinino - C'est La Vie

Credits: Cinematographer: Anel Wessels. Editor: Martinique du Toit. Actors: Water: Mercedes Dressler. Earth: Talya Davidoff. Fire: Anel Wessels. Air: Martinique du Toit. A big thanks to Anthea Delmotte for allowing us to shoot on her farm.

Black Saffron - Bagatelle

Credits: Cinematographer: Zenn van Zyl. Editor: Ewald Hoon. Actress: Martinique du Toit

Lioness - Flow

Cinematographer: Holmes. Shot for a City Varsity Project. Lyrics written by Matthew Dickinson

CROAK - Mary (@Fantasy of Flight)

Cinematographer: Tyron Kuypers. Edited by Martinique Matinino. Exhibition: Vasek Matousek. Flutist: Alessandro Gigli. Live painter: Thomas Dorman

Black Saffron - Experimental

Created by Black Saffron