Martinique Matinino Musician

Black Saffron

black saffronBlack Saffron was the name under which I used to perform the work I had been writing since age 12. This was my very first band as a professional musician. Later I expanded the band, adding bass guitar (Attie Basson) and Percussion (Bianne Redelinghuys). The music at this stage of my career was very dark and complex. I purposefully wrote complicated melodies and structures in my songs so as to show off my skill as a pianist and singer. Matinino is an example of me climbing out of that shell and simplifying my work, making the music more accessible to a wider audience.

Black Saffron made most of its fans in Stellenbosch since this is where I was studying at the time. The band also featured in a small article in Alice Magazine. After creating the band Croak, I performed my solo work less and less and focused more on the use of my looppedal than my piano. At this stage I was also moving to Cape Town and therefore could no longer sustain my relationship with Bianne and Attie as musicians. Black Saffron broke up in 2013 and I pursued my music career further as part of Croak.