Martinique Matinino Musician

Afrikaburn 2011

The Pyromanic Stage

The Pyromanic stage was originally the brainchild of myself and Matthew Dickinson. The design was conceptualized by my father, Jan du Toit, an Interior Designer.

The idea was concieved the moment I started communicating with the Afrikaburn team. This was my first Burn and I had no idea what to expect. I asked whether or not there were any stages available at Afrikaburn for bands to perform on and after a vague answer and mixed response, Matt and I decided we would make it our task to build our own stage at Afrikaburn to perform our live music on and to allow other performers to do the same. Matthew and I got to work and started assembling a team of helpers so we could bring our project to life.The backdrop was designed and painted by Bianne Redelinghuys.

The Pyromanic stage granted a platform for any musician willing or interested in performing. I performed with Matthew as our band Lioness everyday at sunset. Other than that I performed as Black Saffron with Bianne accompanying me on the djembe. Numerous other bands made use of the stage such as "Naming James", "Jeremy Loops" and "Some Grow Young". After serving its purpose the stage was burnt to ash and bone by its creators. As is expected at the burn.


the drawing of the floor Stage Props The Pyromanic Stage setup (1) burning down the stage The Pyromanic Stage (2) Performing at the burn building the Pyromanic stage for Afrikaburn 2011 2 performances on the pyromanic stage the pyromanic stage 2011 Black Saffron Stage floor setup (3) floor mandala Pyromanic skull Lioness performing on the Pyromanic stage The burning of the stage setup (2) building the Pyromanic stage for Afrikaburn 2011 setup (5) setup (4) building the pyromanic stage at the burn Naming James performing on The Pyromanic Stage 2011 performing ath AFRIKABURN 2011 on the Pyromanic stage