Martinique Matinino Musician


Vocals & Piano: Martinique du Toit from BLACK SAFFRON & MATININO
Guitar: Mike Deall from ENMITY & DREAMWEAVER
Percussion: Julian Brookstone from YES SIR! MISTER MACHINE & THE LOTTERY TICKETS

CROAK is a three piece multi-genre band, formed in 2013. 
The guitarist, Mike Deall, makes use of fingerstyle, percussive, and classical techniques in an eclectic and creative manner which blends seamlessly with the theatrical vocals and looped harmonies of the singer and pianist, Martinique du Toit. Her Kate Bush like style melds classical music, rock, and a wide range of ethnic and ethereal sounds which all emanate from her tiny amp and loop pedal. Through the use of his extended drumkit, the drummer, Julian Brookstone, provides more than just an incredible groove; with his use of complex rhythms as well powerful, heavy percussive elements, he accentuates and frames the intricacies of the music.

The genre of music has been described as “dark theatre”, “dirty witch music”, “ethearial fantasy music” and “Indie Rock”.


"Fantasy of Flight" exhibition/performance at Tulbagh Spring Arts Festival 2014

In 2014 CROAK joined up with the local artist, Vasek Matousek, and the wine farm “Twee Jonge Gezellen”, and hosted an exhibition combined with a show. The wine farm provided Krone Borealis MCC wine and numerous delicacies and canapés , enjoyed while exploring the Vasek's work. The audience was then led down into the cellars for the performance. World renowned flutist Allesandro Gigli collaborated with CROAK to create a unique atmospheric muasical and visual experience. During the performance, Thomas Dorman (aka Dr Benway), painted a large canvas which was auctioned after the show.


CROAK & the Pythian Painter

Is an experimental project involving live art and dancing by "The Pythian Painter" (artist Anthea Del Motte) while CROAK performs. The performance involves CROAK playing an hour long set of original music while Anthea dances and paints expressionist paintings behind the band. The artwork is usually burnt after the performance. See "Afrikaburn 2015" for info on the involvement of the project at Afrikaburn.

CROAK at Obviouzly Armchair CROAK and the Pythian Painter Croak @ Dorpstraat theatre Mercury gig WAM gig 24 Oct WAM Dorpstraat theatre CROAK @ Halloween CROAK 2015 AFRIKABURN Croak at Obviouzly Armchair (2) Woodstock Academy of Music Julian Croak @ Carnival Court Martinique at Halloween CROAK at Lambertsbaai art fest 2013 Biergarten gig Croak @ Obviouzly Armchair Croak and the Pythian Painter (2) CROAK at Lambertsbaai art fest Croak @ WAM WAM gig Fri 13th AFRIKABURN 2015 Croak @ Octopus Garden CROAK (2) Croak at Bohemia Martinique The Organism CROAK live at WAM Croak at Assembly Mike Deall Croak Halloween Afrikaburn live 2015 CROAK Lambertsbaai gig Woodstock Academy of Music CROAK Afrikaburn fundraiser Croak Halloween 2013 2014 Croak Performing as Croak at Carnival Court 2013