Martinique Matinino Musician

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Performing as Croak at Carnival Court Performing as band LIONESS at Cannonbear Cobs Cove with Matthew Dickinson on guitar Black Saffron Candlelight performing on our self built stage at afrikaburn 2011 AFRIKABURN PERFORMANCE 2014 2013 Halloween Jackal and Hide AFRIKABURN 2014 Tulbagh Spring arts fest 2014 Lambertsbaai 2013 Saronsber Theatre Tulbagh performing as LIONESS on the Pyromanic stage AB 2011 start of the burn 2015 Halloween Jackal & Hide Black Saffron Mask performing Elands Bay Matinino projector performing at & union Performing solo at Intertwined Sessions Performing at Edge of Wrong 2014 Bijou performing in Tulbagh at Saronsberg Theatre for 21st birthday gig CROAK and the Pythian Painter burn AFRIKABURN 2015 Matinino shadow AFRIKABURN 2015 with Croak Martinino model Matinino lake Black Saffron Tree performing at Afrikaburn 2011 performance at Dorpstraat Theatre Stellenbosch introductory performance for afrikaburn 2011 performing with DIE EINSTES Martinique Halloween Performance at Jackal & Hide Intertwined sessions 2 Matinino solo performance at KKNK 2014 Performing at Saronsberg Theatre Tulbagh Solo performance at Black Saffron performing at Aan de Braak theatre featuring Luca Hart Tuesdays on fire with CROAK performed with Darkroom Contemporary in City Hall for SWARM show Obviouzly Armachair performance with Bad Drugs Croak Tulbagh Tweejongengezellen Dorpstraat Teater Stellenbosch The Organism at Afrika Burn Performing at Ragazzi sound bar CROAK 2014 AFRIKANBURN 2015 Intertwined sessions