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I started playing piano at the age of five and started writing music for vocals and piano at the age of 10. I recieved classical piano and vocal training from a young age and continued to study BA music technology at Stellenbosch University Conservatorium.
Since then I have been involved in numerous creative projects and bands. These bands include Black Saffron; the first band I wrote music for, Lioness; a two piece band with Matthew Dickinson on guitar and pedals, MATININO, my current solo project and CROAK; a four piece multigenred band including Mike Deall on guitar and Julian Brookstone on drums. It was in the band Croak that I started experimenting with using a looppedal to create harmonies live as well as self made backtracks using vocal noises, piano and experimental sounds.

 My earlier work has been classified as dark ambient, theatrical, Neoclassical Dark Wave and very alternative.

It was after working with sound engineer and producer Kamil Govender that I started experimenting with a more listener friendly sound.
The project MATININO offered me a new voice. After struggling with anxiety, I wrote music to soothe myself in my most desperate times. Songs like Cest la Vie for instance carry somewhat of a more happy disposition, classifying the music as indie pop, dream pop and melancholy. The instruments on the album were produced by Kamil and myself using orchestral sounding samples and light electronic additions.  


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" get solo artists that completely flout the rule book and create music of grandiose and complex proportions. This is the case with Martinique du Toit, who goes by the moniker of Matinino."

South African Music Scene

"Today, our world is inundated by wannabe musicians. The great majority are only interested in the tintinnabulation of the cash register, so they shirk any real responsibility in trying to create music that is ethereal, innovative and timeless, merely kowtowing to the demands of the masses and the ever growing greed of the music business corporate body. They will not remain musicians for very long and their ?work? will soon be forgotten.

What you are about to hear, is about as far away from that category of musician as you can get. Martinique Du Toit is an extraordinarily creative composer, musician and performer. She is a trained classical musician who has mastered the ability to be able to forget the rigid rules she so diligently learned in order to be able to write an original melody.

In this body of work, she utilizes the substance and depth of classical music, fusing it with the drive and power of today's rock. There are a few female composer/musicians working today that we all know, of which I will mention no names, but when you listen to them, despite the creative work they are doing, we hear them and immediately recognize them in their unique way, but Martinique has the incredible ability to change her persona to the story she is telling in the song she is singing. It is almost a Kafkaesque metamorphosis.

Frank Zappa once said, "Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something." The work of this woman does precisely that. He also said, "To the average music listener, intelligence is like some horrible deformity." I revel in the places Martinique takes me in her compositions. Sometimes she gently nudges us, other times she bludgeons us into thinking about what it is be human, both with the music and the lyrics. This.......... .is what real music is all about. Martinique Du Toit is a force to be reckoned with and she will be around for a long, long time. Thank heavens."

Shawn Phillips

"The album’s sound is highly unusual, incorporating elements of classical, ambient and theatrical and rolling them into one. The project as a whole consists of delicate, floaty ballads interspersed with dramatic, electronically-driven tracks, making for some very unusual contrasts..."

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